Back in August of 2003, Dan and I found ourselves hiking the Daniel Webster Trail on our way up Mount Madison. I’m not sure exactly when it happened (though I’m guessing it was during post-summit euphoria) but at one point Dan told me about the AMC 4,000 footer club and how there are 48 4,000-foot peaks in the White Mountains. My love of the mountains and hiking had been growing steadily since about 2000, so when I heard about the list it was immediately apparent that it was something I needed to do. Right then and there, Dan and I decided that together we would start bagging the peaks on the list, with Mount Madison counting as number one.

Ever since then I’ve been chronicling our adventures as we continued to make trip after trip into the White Mountains. Now, 7 years later, Dan and I finished our project when during our annual July 4th camping trip we summited Mount Moosilauke, the 48th mountain on our list.

On the summit of Mt. Moosilauke!

Moosialuke was the perfect peak to save for our last one. Our hike led us up the Beaver Brook trail, which runs along a cascade for nearly a mile. The summit of the mountain is surrounded by an alpine meadow, affording some beautiful 360-degree views. The summit was also once home to a lodge and the ruins of the foundation provide a great place to hang out and seek some shelter from the wind. Our group dropped our packs at the old foundation and cracked a bottle of champagne that Dan had packed in for the occasion. A fantastic trip, with incredible weather. It was also the first summit I completed with my new wife – her list is now at 2 down, 46 to go!

Champagne was so called for

So what do we do now that we’ve bagged all the peaks on our list? Do them again? Try for the New England 4,000 footers? The New England Hundred Highest? Maybe try our hand at high-pointing the US? One thing’s for certain and that is we won’t stop any time soon. Our usual companions Mike and Chris are both well on their way to finishing their lists, so guys just let me know when you’re ready to head up again.