Hike One

  • Hale Brook Trail from Zealand Road to summit of Mt. Hale - 2.2 miles
  • Hale Brook Trail from summit of Mt. Hale to Zealand Road - 2.2 miles

Total: 4.4 miles

Hike Two

  • Avalon Trail from Crawford Deport to A-Z Trail - 1.3 miles
  • A-Z Trail to Mt. Tom Spur - 1.0 mile
  • Mt. Tom Spur to summit of Mt. Tom - 0.6 miles
  • Mt. Tom Spur from summit of Mt. Tom to A-Z Trail - 0.6 miles
  • A-Z Trail to Avalon Trail - 1.0 mile
  • Avalon Trail to Crawford Depot - 1.3 miles

Total: 5.8 miles


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  • Dan and I did two separate hikes on one day, in order to kick off the hiking season and get into a hiking mindset

  • We ran into a little rain, but we powered through it