Last weekend we had originally intended to hike up Mt. Cabot, but since time was going to run out (leaving our car locked behind the gate of the Berlin Fish Hatchery) we decided instead to hike up to Tuckerman’s Ravine. A popular place for adventurous skiers, the ravine is about three miles up the side of Mount Washington. Even though it was in the high sixties and sunny, there was a ton of fresh snow on the mountain and that brought out gaggles of skiers, boarders and spectators like us.

Here is a picture of the route plotted from Dan’s GPS data using Google Earth:

Tuckerman's Hike Path

There are no chair lifts at the ravine. Instead, people strap their skis/boards to their backs and then hike the three miles to the bowl. Once there they proceed to climb up the side of the ravine (sometimes having to use ice picks to get up there), strap their skis on and ski down. It’s pretty incredible to watch.


Even though we didn’t get to hike our planned route, the day was still a blast. You can see some more pictures in my photo gallery of the hike.