Day One

  • Gale River Trail to Garfield Ridge Trail - 4.0 miles
  • Garfield Ridge Trail to Galehead Hut - 0.6 miles
  • Frost Trail from Galehead Hut to Mt. Galehead summit - 0.5 miles
  • Frost Trail back to Galehead Hut - 0.5 miles
  • Twinway from Galehead Hut to South Twin summit - 0.8 miles
  • Twinway back to Galehead Hut - 0.8 miles
  • Garfield Ridge Trail from Galehead Hut to Mt. Garfield summit - 3.1 miles
  • Garfield Ridge Trail back to Garfield Campsite - 0.4 miles
  • Total Day One: 10.7 miles

Day Two

  • Garfield Ridge Trail from Garfield Campsite to Mt. Garfield summit - 0.4 miles
  • Mt. Garfield Trail from Mt. Garfield summit to Gale River Loop Road - 5.0 miles
  • Gale River Loop Road back to the car - 1.6 miles
  • Total Day Two: 7.0 miles

Total distance: 17.7 miles




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  • This hike corresponded to the Flags on the 48 event
  • We summitted Garfield twice, once on Saturday evening and once on Sunday morning. Since Saturday‚Äôs summit was a bust, we decided we might as well hit it again Sunday morning since the weather was real clear.