November 01, 2021


I’ve been looking forward to grinding meat in the food processor for the Burger of the Gods. It was a cool experience, and the burger came out great, except that I definitely left too many of the gristly parts of the steak in when I cut it up. Gemma’s burger had so much gristle she couldn’t finish it, yet Vivian’s had none. I also prepared them with just salt in the burger mix, but next time I’d probably add in all the usual stuff I use (an egg, Worcestershire sauce, garlic power, etc.)

burger of the gods

I prepared mine to eat the way Alton did on the show: a toasted bun with just some mayo. It was good! But I do like my burgers with a bit more toppings and condiments. Overall though, a great burger.

Burger of the Gods

  • Crowd: 4/5
  • Ease: 3/5
  • Some of the burgers were amazing, other had a ton of gristle. Next time I need to be way more careful cutting up the steaks so I don't keep anything that would turn to gristle as the burgers cooked.
  • Probably will add more than just salt to the burger mix next time, too. I like the "steak burger" flavor but I also like burgers with more in the mix.