January 07, 2022

Tofu Caesar Dressing

Going to try and do Season 3’s low carb recipes as we take a bit of a diet in he new year. Last night we put together some salad with the No Guilt Caesar dressing.

dressing in the blender

I was skeptical of the tofu, but it was really good. The dressing was creamy, smooth, and garlicky. This probably won’t replace our favorite Caesar dressing from America’s Test Kitchen, but it was worth making and we’re going to finish the rest off over the next few days.


Season 3 has a few low-carb-friendly recipes so I’m going to try and get those done this month.

No Guilt Caesar

  • Crowd: 3/5
  • Ease: 3/5
  • Truly no guilt -- only about 50 calories and 1 carb per 2 Tbl serving.