January 09, 2022

Poached Eggs

What better use for Poached Egg Tips than to make some Eggs Benedict? The challenge for us is we’re currently in a January low-card diet, but we made it work well!

First I got some poached eggs going.

eggs a-poaching

While they were simmering I made some keto english muffins and some easy hollandaise sauce. When everything was done, we put it all together with some smoked ham and had an amazing low carb brunch.

eggs benne

Poached Egg Tips

  • Crowd: 4/5
  • Ease: 3/5
  • Did 7 minutes for 3 eggs, which left the yolks only a bit runny. We like runnier yolks than that so next time I might try 5 or 6 minutes.