February 07, 2022

A Tofu Day

Now that we’re rolling off of the New Year’s diet break, it’s time to get back into this Good Eats project for real. We’ve recently taken up a liking for tofu, so we decided to start with a few more the recipes from the Tofuworld episode, beginning with Tall & Tangy Tofu Thangy.

a tofu thangy

Not a great start. The drink was just… blah. I mean, it wasn’t gross or disgusting, just not good, and besides the fact that it’s certainly a dairy-free frozen drink, we just didn’t see the point. This one went unfinished, even though it pains me to throw food away. Swing and miss, Alton.

For dinner, our main entree was Fillet O’Fu with some veggies on the sde.

filleting fu

Overall it was good, but a little dry and bland. We ended up dipping it in some hoisin sauce, which was delicious. Ultimately though, we like our usual method of frying tofu better: cubed, tossed with salt/pepper/corn starch, then pan fried and eaten over stir-fry.

Tall & Tangy Tofu Thangy

  • Crowd: 1/5
  • Ease: 4/5
  • Used about 12oz of silken tofu
  • Can't see the rhyme or reason behind this recipe. Swing and a miss I think.

Fillet O'Fu

  • Crowd: 3/5
  • Ease: 3/5
  • Should have included some kind of sauce with this, maybe the beurre blanc would have been good? Or some kind of gravy. Ended up dipping the tofu in a little hoisin sauce that we had in the fridge.