February 21, 2022

Long Weekend Eats

Over the long weekend I got a few more season three recipes in. On Saturday I whipped up some Turbo Hummus as a snack. It was OK, tastes a bit like store-bought hummus. We gave it a 2 because we’ll eat it but probably won’t make it again.


For a Sunday pre-dinner snack I cooked up some Mojo Moulies, served with some sliced French bread. They were really good – a wonderful way to whip up some quick (and cheap!) shellfish. The sauce was awesome to dip bread into.


Finally (not here yet) I put together the Hurry Curry Cauliflower and got them into the fridge to pickle for a week before trying them.

Turbo Hummus

  • Crowd: 2/5
  • Ease: 3/5
  • Was hard to get the proportions right. Wish the recipe had amounts instead of "one lemon" or "handful of parsley"

Mojo Moulies

  • Crowd: 3/5
  • Ease: 3/5
  • Threw a tablespoon of butter into the sauce before stick-blending it