May 21, 2022

Turkey Hash

This one was a little annoying because I had to make a bunch of other stuff first so I had leftovers to make the hash with. So one evening I roasted up a couple of turkey tenderloins over red potatoes. This got me a few of the leftovers. I also needed to make a batch of cornbread pudding to go along with it.

cornbread pudding

I was a big fan of the pudding, and I might make it again some day. Once I had all of the leftovers, I could then make the hash this morning for breakfast:

turkey hash

This made a ton of hash, and it was pretty good. I gave the rest of it to my mother in law, and she really enjoyed it too.

Turkey Re-Hash

  • Crowd: 3/5
  • Ease: 2/5
  • Tastes good with ketchup